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History and Biography. 1105: Anon., The Lives of the British Admirals

Author: Anon.
Title: The lives of the British admirals, displaying in the most striking colours the conduct and heroism of the naval commanders of Great Britain and Ireland whose intrepidity has convinced the world that Brittania is sovereign of the ocean. Intended not only to instruct and entertain, but also to animate the youth of this country with a becoming ardour, to imitate the glorious actions of these heroes, if their duty should hereafter call them forth in the defence of their country. Part 1
Cat. Number: 1105
Date: 1776
1st Edition: 1776
Pub. Place: London
Publisher: Newbery
Price: 6d for each part
Pages: 1 vol., 179pp.
Size: 11 x 7 cm
Note: Bound in Dutch Flower Boards

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Page 003 of item 1105

Sydney Roscoe indicates that this work appeared in two parts, the first in 1776, the second in 1777. It was published then by Francis Newbery, John Newbery's nephew, with the second edition of 1783 appearing under the imprint of Elizabeth Newbery. (Roscoe 1973: 175-76)

Roscoe, Sydney, John Newbery and his Successors, 1740-1814: A Bibliography, Wormsley, Herts., 1973