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History and Biography. 1111: Mrs. Markham [Elizabeth Penrose], Mrs. Markham's History of England

Author: Manrkham, Mrs. [Penrose, Elizabeth] and Howitt, Mary
Title: Mrs. Markham's history of England, from the first invasion by the Romans to the end of the reign of George the Third with conversations at the end of each chapter. For the use of young persons. New edition edited and continued to the present time by Mary Howitt
Cat. Number: 1111
Date: 1868
1st Edition: 1823
Pub. Place: London
Publisher: T. J. Allman
Pages: 1 vol., 561pp.
Size: 18.5 x 11.5 cm

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'Mrs. Markham' was the pseudonym of Elizabeth Penrose (1780-1837). Her History of England, and of France, became the most popular school histories of the mid-nineteenth century. Their distinguishing feature were the 'Conversations' between 'Mrs.M.' and her fictional pupils, which featured after each chapter. They served to reinforce the lessons, to draw the reader into the text, and, on occasion, to give Penrose an opportunity to comment editorially on the material she was teaching.