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Stories Before 1850. 0117: Elizabeth Somerville, A Grandmother's Stories

Author: Somerville, Elizabeth
Title: A Grandmother's Stories. Volume one: The Old Harper, The Misfortunes of Ingratitude. Benevolence its Own Reward, Story of the Little Girl at the Gatehouse. The Good Father; or, Punishment Frequently Necessary, Honesty Rewarded. [In the same binding, volume two:]The History of an Old Rat, Frances and Laura, Ingratitude Punished
Cat. Number: 0117
Date: No date, but c.1801
1st Edition: 1801?
Pub. Place: London
Publisher: B. Crosby and Co. and B. Tabart
Price: Unknown
Pages: 2 vols., 77 and 83pp.
Size: 9.5 x 8 cm

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Introductory essay

The authorship of this anonymous work can be attributed to Elizabeth Somerville, author of several children's books, on the basis of a book-list at the end of Harriet Mandeville's Familiar Conversations (no date but c.1802) and the title-page of Somerville's The New Children in the Wood (1802). This information also suggests a date of c.1801 for A Grandmother's story. See Moon 1990: 112-13.

Moon, Marjorie, Benjamin Tabart's Juvenile Library. A Bibliography of books for children published, written, edited and sold by Mr. Tabart, 1801-1820, Winchester, Hants. and Detroit, 1990