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Nursery Rhymes and Alphabets. 0701: Anon., The Royal Alphabet of Kings and Queens

Author: Anon.
Title: The royal alphabet of kings and queens
Cat. Number: 0701
Date: No date but 1837-1848
1st Edition:
Pub. Place: London
Publisher: Joseph Cundall, Hailes Juvenile Library
Pages: 1 vol., 70pp.
Size: 17 x 11 cm

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Page 004 of item 0701

Introductory essay

Although undated, this Royal Alphabet of Kings and Queens probably dates from some time between the ascension of Queen Victoria in 1837 and the deposition of King Louis Philippe of France in 1848, for both of these monarchs are figure in the book. There is, perhaps, just a hint that Louis Philippe's reign is slightly precarious: 'Unmoved by danger, calmly he pursues / His beneficial plans, and peaceful views.' (Louis Philippe)

Most of the monarchs included in the book are described with reverence and admiration. A few, Xerxes for example, are condemned. Napoleon, one might think, is treated respectfully for such an enemy of Britain, especially when compared with Cromwell. The unremarkable reign of William IV is distinguished mostly, the reader is told, for the Act abolishing which he signed.