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Mathematics. 1177: Francis Walkingame, The Tutor's Assistant

Author: Walkingame, Francis
Title: The tutor's assistant, being a compendium of arithmetic and a complete question book containing - 1. Arithmetic in whole numbers; being a brief explanation of all its rules, in a new and more concise method than any hitherto published; with an application to business with their answers annexed. 2. Vulgar fractions, which are treated with a great deal of plainess and perspicuity. 3. Decimals, with the extraction of the square, cube and biquadrate roots after a very plain and familiar manner; in which are set down rules for the easy calculation of interest, annuities and pensions in arrears, the present worth of annuities, etc. either by simple of compound interest. 4. Duo-decimals and multiplication, practice and decimals. 5. The mensuration of circles, etc. 6. A collection of questions set down promisculously for the greater trial of the foregoing rules. 7. A general table for the ready calculating the interest of any sum of money at any rate per cent. Likewise rents, salaries, etc. To which is added an appendix on circulating deimals the whole being adapted either as a question-book for the use of schools or as a remembrancer and instructor to such as have some knowledge therein. This work having been perused by several eminent mathematicians and accomptants is recommended as the best compendium hitherto published, for the use of schools or for private persons, by Francis Walkingame. The thirty-second edition with additions and corrections
Cat. Number: 1177
Date: 1805
1st Edition:
Pub. Place: London
Publisher: Scatcherd and Letterman
Pages: 1 vol., 192pp.
Size: 17 x 10 cm

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