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Mathematics. 1169: John Newbery, Arithmetic Made Familiar and Easy

Author: Newbery, John
Title: Arithmetic made familiar and easy to young gentlement and ladies, being the second volume of the circle of the sciences, etc. Published by the King's authority. Third edition
Cat. Number: 1169
Date: 1769
1st Edition: 1746
Pub. Place: London
Publisher: Newbery and Carnan
Price: 6d
Pages: 1 vol., 200pp.
Size: 9.5 x 6 cm
Note: Another edition of 1168 and 1170

No digitised images of this text are currently available.

John Newbery's 'Circle of the Sciences' series was announced in 1745. The individual books which comprised the series, dealing with spelling, grammar, writing, rhetoric, poetry, logic, geography and chronology, were issued over the next three years. Volumes on criticism, history and philosophy were advertised, but no editions now exist. Arithmetic made familiar and easy was first published in 1746, though under the title The Art of Arithmetic. There were several changes to the consituent volumes of the series, and the order in which they were listed, but by the third edition of 1769, from which this volume comes, there were seven volumes. The contents were as follows: i. Grammar (see 0602)
ii. Arithmetic (see 1169, and 1168 for the 1748 edition)
iii. Rhetoric
v. Logic (see 0964)
vi. Geography (see 1045)
vii. Chronology
A Spelling-Dictionary of the English language (0605) had featured as an introductory volume to series in 1745, but by the second edition of 1748 it had been removed to be published separately. See Roscoe 1973: 73-82 for more details.

Roscoe, Sydney, John Newbery and his Successors, 1740-1814: A Bibliography, Wormsley, Herts., 1973